Why Peach?

It's simply luxurious.

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Pure Materials

Pure Materials

Peach Bath Tissue is crafted from 100% virgin fiber which ensures a luxuriously soft and strong experience every time. All materials are harvested from completely sustainable sources. Despite its strength, Peach Bath Tissue is septic safe and biodegradable.

Chlorine-free Production

Bleach Free

Peach does not use any chlorine or toxic chemicals during the production process, resulting in a naturally pure bath tissue.

Air Finishing

Air Finished

Peach Bath Tissue is air finished, leaving every sheet strong and dense while achieving an incredibly soft and smooth texture. Other finishing processes frequently leads to "flakey" and weak bath tissue, which we find unacceptable.

Monthly Delivery

Monthly Delivery

Peach is delivered to your door every month in elegantly simple packaging because your time is valuable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed means you get your money back if you're not happy, and you can cancel anytime.



Peach is eco-friendly which is why we only source sustainable materials and don't use any toxic chemicals or bleach in our production process.

However, being good to the environment isn't enough. Peach is also committed to doing all it can to help its community. As part of that commitment, Peach donates a portion of proceeds to help victims of human trafficking. At Peach we believe that life is good, but the world can be better.

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